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Dubai Wedding Photographer: Trash the Dress

Dubai Wedding Photographer:  Trash {or Cherish} the Dress. 

Trash the Dress or Rock the Frock!  Whatever you want to call it, its one way to get some cool and funky post wedding pictures of the both of you after your wedding.   The idea is to let loose and really let your hair down to get a collection of amazing photographs in Dubai.  I always have a lot of fun whenever I do a trash the dress shoot, there are lots of locations in Dubai depending on what you want as your backdrop and how daring you are in front of the public!  Some locations such as the public beach at the Burj Al Arab will almost always have someone else around,  so if like most people that’s not really appealing,  we would just need to get started nice and early in the morning!

There may be different reasons why you want to have a trash the dress shoot in Dubai,  maybe you didn’t get the best pictures on your wedding day,  a bit disappointed with how the final result came out, or maybe you just want some totally different and unique photos to compliment your wedding photographs collection.